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Written by Martin Backhouse Last time updated November 22, 2023

Legit.org is a site designed to help bettors understand the world of online gaming. Identifying the most trusted casinos and betting sites and how to make the most of them is what’s most important to us.

Evaluating licenced, legal sites that hold approval from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission ensures only the safest, most secure options are listed.

A significant proportion of our site is dedicated to sportsbook and casino reviews. This allows us to get in-depth with the various factors that make for a great experience when it comes to betting online. Beyond that, we have pages dedicated to other areas that may be of interest that include:

We have a team of dedicated writers who share a passion for ensuring that readers are given the best guidance possible. They understand that the world of iGaming can be confusing at times and are here to provide clear, concise information that will help you understand what’s important when it comes to casinos and bookmakers.

Our Legit Team

Content Manager
Content Manager

The legit.org team has decades of experience in online casinos and sports betting sites. Our team have a solid knowledge of the UK market and understand that at the core player safety and fairness come first.

In terms of background, our team is made up of former analysts, sportsbook managers, casino CRM managers and of course content writers. Thanks to their in-depth involvement within the industry, they have seen it evolve and can quickly identify the good from the bad.

On top of that, our team are also avid players who enjoy playing on the sites we review. Therefore, you can always be sure that you’re getting genuine opinions and insights on legit.org.

Information You Can Trust

Online betting has grown very quickly over the past decade in the UK. As a popular recreational activity, this has led to dozens and dozens of companies offering their services.

Our role is to highlight the things that really matter when it comes to identifying which casinos and betting sites can be trusted – and why.

We don’t simply provide star ratings or rankings without context. Our writers have years of experience in the iGaming industry and are bettors themselves. They can give first-hand, in-depth accounts of their experiences and how this relates to you as a player.

The information on Legit.org aims to be as accurate as possible and is regularly reviewed and updated in case of any changes.

Our Values

As part of the writing process, we strive to ensure that the following values are all adhered to.

Accuracy – We only deal in factual information and first-hand experiences as genuine customers

Authority – Our writers have years of experience and can make informed judgements from a position of authority within the industry.

Clarity – We cut through the jargon to let readers see what they need to know and why it’s important.

Integrity – Any reviews will look at the positives and negatives, weighing up a true experience as a customer, not just the selected highlights.

Responsibility – We firmly believe all gambling should be undertaken in a responsible way. This underpins everything we do.

What We Look for In a Betting Site or Casino Review

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a betting site or casino. We examine dozens of points to allow readers to make the most informed judgements based on their requirements, these include:

Hopefully, this gives you an understanding of our aims for Legit.org. We’re passionate about offering in-depth, honest judgements of the available options within the world of online gambling.